Specializing in Vintage automotive nickel, and Pre-War automotive chrome.
(Open shop: Mon-Sat by appointment.)

Hello my name is Anthony Cook, and I am the owner/operator of Classic Metal Restorations. Those who know
me and my work, know that I am a perfectionist. I Am the sole full time craftsman at Classic Metal
Restorations. I am not just a plating specialist but a 20 year classic car enthusiast as well. I have restored a few
vehicles myself, and I know what it's like to spend hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars on a single
restoration project. I treat every part I plate as if it was from my very own vehicle.  You can mail your parts to
me are stop by my shop and I will  give you an estimate in person.  It is best to make an appointment because I
am in and out of the shop all the time.  It is best to call between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm (802-733-5421).

Chrome plating: At Classic Metal Restorations, all chrome plated parts are plated with copper, then nickel, and finally
chrome plated (Triple Chrome Plating).  Like most small plating shops I cannot plate bumpers, only bar bumpers like the pair
below.  My shop can plate parts up to 4 feet in lenght and 1 square foot of surface area.  I can chrome plate small and medium
size parts.  

Nickel plating:  Vintage nickel is what I do best.  Your project could be a Model T are a Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost.  
Regardless of your project you are going to get a high end nickel plate.  Every part gets 1 hour in the nickel tank for a durable,
solid nickel plate.  For good bonding, every part gets at least one layer of copper between the base metal and the nickel plate.    
I can nickel plate up to 4 square feet of surface area and 4 1/2 feet in lenght.


1929 Graham rear bumpers chrome plated.


At Classic Metal Restorations I plate Pot Metal from Pre-War vehicles.  I will not plate deep pitted Pre-War pot metal parts.  
Post-War Pot metal is more tempramental, and if there is more pits than I can silver solder I will not plate the part.  If the
Post-War pot metal part needs to have the old nickel plate stripped I will not plate the part.  I will strip the old nickel from
Pre-War parts and plate the bare pot metal.

Before                                                                                       After
1929 Graham inside door handles
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Before                                                                                          After

C.M. HALL headlights nickel plated (Model 199) 1913 to 1915