Specializing in antique automotive nickel
( Auto, Motorcycle, Boat, Stove, etc )

(Open shop: Mon-Sat by appointment.)

     Hello my name is Anthony Cook, and I am the owner/operator of Classic Metal Restorations.  Since
opening for business in 2008 I have had the opportunity to meet a lot of people with interesting projects that
need plating done.  In that time I have made some changes to the shops focus and services.  Since 2015 for a
verity of reasons I have chosen to eliminate chrome plating as a service.
NICKEL PLATING Has been the ideal focus for my small shop.  Restoring, then re-plating antique
nickel plated parts from cars and motorcycles is the mainstay of the shop but over the years I have had an
increasing number of customers needing antique stove parts nickel plated as well.  I have a photo's section
dedicated to antique stove jobs.   
BRASS PLATING as of 2019 I have added brass plating of small parts up
to 14" inches long.  
LAMP RESTORATION the restoration of antique lighting has been another focus at
the shop.  The lamp can be car, motorcycle, bicycle, acetylene, carbide, or electric, brass finish or nickel plated.  
Service on lamps include dent removal, crack repair with brazing and soldering, surface preparation for nickel
plating and polishing for brass lamps.   Most of the lamps I restore are of my own stock but I hope to change
that.  The restored lamps are then sold on Ebay or HCCA.org.  I have a photo's section dedicated to antique
    You can mail your parts too: ( Classic Metal Restorations 123 airport RD Shaftsbury VT 05262 ).  You can
also stop at the shop and I will give you an estimate in person.  Please call before mailing or visiting the shop.  
I am often in and out of the shop and currently work 2nd shift hours at the shop.  CALL: 802-733-5421.  It is
best to call after 12:00 pm.  If you call in the morning leave a message. I am at the shop every day except
Sunday.  EMAIL: cookactc@peoplepc.com

Brass Restoration, dent removal.

Nickel plating:  Vintage nickel is what I do best.  Your project could be a Model T are a Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost.  
Regardless of your project you are going to get a high end nickel plate.  Every part gets
at least 1 hour in the nickel tank for a
durable, solid nickel plate.  For good bonding,
most parts gets at least one layer of copper between the base metal and the nickel
 Some engine parts are best strait to nickel.  I can nickel plate up to 4 square feet of surface area and 4 1/2 feet in lenght.

"NEW" brass tank with newly plated brass engine parts.

Solar Badger Brass carbide bicycle lamp, restored, nickel plated  ( First style, 1896 )

Small brass items can now be plated, up to 14" inches long.
123 Airport Rd Shaftsbury VT PHONE: (802)-733-5421
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Before                                                                                          After

C.M. HALL headlights nickel plated (Model 199) 1913 to 1915
BRASS PLATING: Classic Metal Restorations can now brass plate small items up to 14" inches long.
Solar Badger brass carbide bicycle lamp, restored nickel plated. First model year 1896