Classic Metal Restorations
123 Airport Rd Shaftsbury VT 05262
Pricing is calculated by determining the amount of time required to restore the part. A estimate given over the
phone before shipping is only a rough estimate. A rough estimate is non-binding. You can email pictures of your
parts to me at Call me to let me know you are sending your parts pics.  A firm estimate
is given after we have received and inspected your parts. You will not be charged more than the firm estimate.
Most likely you will be called and given the firm estimate the same day your parts are received by Classic Metal
Restorations. If you choose not to acquire are service we will return your parts promptly. A return shipping fee
will apply.  For orders over $300, A 50% down payment based on the rough are firm estimate,(check or money
order) must be received before work can begin. Send payments to ( Classic Metal Restorations, 123 airport Rd
Shaftsbury VT 05262). After completion of work you will be notified. Final payment must be received by check or
money order before your parts will be shipped back to you.  If work is unsatisfactory, return in 30 days and I will
re-plate the part the second time free.

No surface preparation is required before shipping your parts to us. Be sure to have your parts as free of grease as
possible. All Parts should be completely disassembled, and will be returned to you disassembled. Classic Metal
Restorations will not be responsible for any damage incurred in the disassembly process. It is recommended that
you use plenty of packing and wrapping material. Pot Metal parts are delicate and can brake easily. Use a sturdy
shipping box as well. Include a packing list with your name, address, phone number, and special instructions if
needed. US Mail is our preferred carrier, but UPS is fine.  Ship to are shipping address, Classic Metal Restorations,
123 Airport Rd Shaftsbury VT 05262.

At Classic Metal Restorations, extra steps are taken to protect the environment and insure no EPA, and State laws
are broken. In the Vermont tradition, I strive to make Classic Metal Restorations a role model in environmental
protection. For example: I have a zero waste water policy at Classic Metal Restorations. Workplace rules and
guidlines are taken very seriouly at Classic Metal Restorations. For example: for safety reasons none of are plating
baths contain cyanides.
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123 Airport Rd Shaftsbury VT PHONE: (802)-733-5421

A frontal view of the plating operation.

A sand blasting service is provided for walk in customers. A variety of abrasives can be used in are large blast cabinet.

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